Energy Conservation Class

Lower Columbia CAP administers a number of energy assistance programs; all of which have income eligibility requirements.

LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

  • Sign-up for appointments is online usually the first week of November –

    Sign up HERE

  • Please submit all the requested documentation for your application to us as quickly as possible so we can process your benefit payment in a timely manner.

Winter Help Fund and WEAF (Washington Energy Assistance Fund)

  • CAP administers these funds that come from Cascade Natural Gas (CNG) and community donations
  • To be eligible you must be a CNG customer, meet income eligibility guidelines, and be in an emergency situation.

Cowlitz PUD Discounted Rate Programs

CAP administers the Cowlitz PUD discount rate programs based on Cowlitz PUD guidelines.

Low income senior and disabled residential PUD customers may qualify for a 15% or 25% discount on their monthly PUD bills.

  • The applicant must meet low-income standards as determined by the Federal Poverty Level,
  • occupy the premise,
  • be a listed customer on the account AND
    • Senior: At least 62 years old by December 31 of the current year OR
    • Disabled: Qualified for special parking privileges under RCW 46.16.381(1) (a through h) or a blind person as defined in RCW 74.18.020(4), or are a disabled, handicapped, or incapacitated person as defined under RCW 71A.10.020(3) or any other existing state or federal program. A physician’s certificate is required if the customer does not have a disabled parking permit.
  • The applicant must apply for the discounted rate and send or bring information to Lower Columbia CAP to provide proof of income, residency and age or disability.
  • Download and print your application from the Cowlitz PUD Website or pick one up at their main office located at 961 12th Avenue.
  • Annual gross household income will be calculated based on a review of all related financial records. The gross household income will determine the level of the rate discount.
  • Low-income discount applies only to a primary residence and is not available for seasonal or other secondary residences. Businesses are not eligible for a discounted rate.
  • Cowlitz PUD requires a completed Lower Columbia CAP Authorization to Release Utility Information form on file prior to releasing customer information to CAP.
  • Cowlitz PUD also requires a completed Third Party Authorization Form for any other persons not already on the account needing information.

These forms are available on the Cowlitz PUD website and at the Cowlitz PUD office.

Contact Lower Columbia CAP at 360-762-3100 or 360-425-3430 ext. 231 beginning July 2021 to schedule an appointment.

  1. Lower Columbia CAP makes the final determination of eligibility then informs the applicant and Cowlitz PUD of its decision.

Once Cowlitz PUD receives the approval notification from Lower Columbia CAP, the discounted rate will go into effect.

If you think you may qualify for one of these programs or want more information please call CAP at 360-425-3430 ext. 231, or stop by our offices on 1526 Commerce Avenue in Longview (use back entrance of off 12th Avenue).



 Weatherization – Home Energy Assessment

Are your heating bills high due to lack of adequate insulation, improperly sealed windows and doors?

A home energy assessment can help identify the areas that need to be sealed/insulated to protect you from the cold of winter and heat of summer.  Our certified building analyst will perform a thorough energy assessment to measure the extent of leaks in the building envelope and use infrared cameras to find hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation. You will also receive information on how various energy-saving upgrade options interact with each other and list of efficiency upgrades that are most appropriate for your home.

Learn more about weatherization.

Click here for a short video on home energy assessments

For weatherization and home energy assessment questions, call the CAP weatherization department at 360-425-3430 ext. 225 or 226